everyone's least favorite page... but it's necessary...

it is important that you do not disregard or delay seeking professional and direct therapy, support, or advice because of information you have obtained from caitlin horrocks lcat atr-bc through origamitherapy website, workshops, social media, or products.


it is important to note that although caitlin horrocks is a practicing licensed and board certified creative arts therapist, she is not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, and unless you have entered into a therapy relationship with signed forms of consent and appropriate documents in place, caitlin horrocks is not your therapist, counselor, coach, or consultant.


nothing on the the origamitherapy website, social media, workshops, products, or other services shall be interpreted as entering you into a therapeutic, counseling, advising, coaching, consulting, or supervision relationship with caitlin horrocks lcat atr-bc, origamitherapy, or any employee or affiliate.